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Intelligent Environmental Services Ltd (iES) are a leading provider of specialist enabling works including;

iES are the specialist enabling contractor of choice. With an expert team of technical professionals, we have the unique capability to truly support any client with a full turnkey solution to all site enabling requirements.

Our Management and Site personnel are considered experts in their respective fields and by embracing pioneering techniques, state of the art technology, systems and equipment, iES are able to consistently challenge traditional pre-construction limitations.

We are proud to have developed a reputation for innovation, quality and excellence.

License to work with asbestos containing materials

Hazardous Waste Carrier’s License

£10m Insurance Liability

Asbestos Waste Transfer License

Our Projects

Mecca Bingo

We were appointed to undertake the large-scale clearance of asbestos containing materials from the ceiling and roof void areas within a live, occupied Bingo Hall.

Royal London Asset Management

Lidl UK GmbH

Manchester United

Sports Direct

PFI Cheshire Schools

Premier House

A strong history of working with leading brands.
We’ve been involved in a number of exciting construction, renovation and demolition projects over the years, within some of world’s most iconic buildings and institutions.

Asbestos Identification & Consultancy

In accordance with the Control of Asbestos Regulations and in particular Regulation 4 (the Duty to Manage), iES support our clients with a range of Asbestos Identification and Consultancy services, including;

Asbestos Surveys
Management, Refurbishment & Demolition and Periodic Re-inspection Reports

Asbestos Testing & Analysis
Asbestos Sampling including UKAS Accredited Analysis

Asbestos Management Plans
Supporting clients with the creation and implementation of Asbestos Management Plans

Asbestos Consultancy
Subject Matter Expert, Systems/Procedure Reviews, Assurance Studies and Auditing

All our surveys are carried out with full HSE guidelines in line with HSG 264 Asbestos: The Survey Guide. Our experienced and fully trained staff are minimum qualified to BOHS P402 Surveying and Sampling Strategies for Asbestos in Buildings or the RSPH Level 3 Award in Asbestos Surveying standard.

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Survey Report.

Asbestos Remediation

iES are a leading provider of expert asbestos remediation services. As a Licensed Asbestos Contractor, we have the capability and expertise to undertake specialist remediation works across all asbestos products in any environment, industry or sector.

Asbestos Removal
Utilising the very latest equipment and expert techniques, iES have the knowledge, experience and regulatory approvals to undertake any asbestos removal project, regardless of scale and complexity.

With site teams operating across the UK, we routinely undertake a variety of licensed and non-licensed asbestos removal works for clients across all industry sectors on premises from Inverness to Torquay.

Asbestos Encapsulation/Repair
Removal of asbestos is not always possible and often not necessary. With careful repair or treatment, it can be safely managed without increase to risk. iES routinely support clients with asbestos encapsulation and repair works, be this on a single project basis or on a longer term appointment to gradually improve the standards of asbestos across a site or Estate.

Where asbestos has been damaged or disturbed, iES are able to respond with speed and accuracy to ensure risks are carefully managed discreetly during the subsequent decontamination process.

Demolition & Site Clearance

Structural Demolition
With over 60 years’ experience in undertaking some of the UK’s most complex Demolition projects, we have an unrivalled technical capability to support clients with any site clearance requirement.

Experts in both mechanical and traditional hand demolition techniques, we are just as adept at largescale demolition works as we are at minor structural adaptations or domestic site clearances.

iES routinely undertake internal strip-out works, both hazardous and non-hazardous in nature and either in conjunction with or in advance of future development works. We have experience in undertaking site-wide soft strip programmes and targeted strip-out works, such as retrieval of mechanical/electrical equipment, replacement of roof coverings and partial refurbishment schemes.

Waste Disposal
We are able to efficiently coordinate and handle the disposal of any construction or hazardous waste arising’s, including;

  • Asbestos Waste (via our in-house, EA permitted asbestos waste transfer station)
  • Construction Waste
  • Contaminated Soils
  • Other Hazardous Waste (Lead, Mould, Guano and Chemical)

Scaffolding & Fixed Access

iES are a leading provider of specialist scaffolding and fixed access systems, including the provision of Licensed Asbestos Scaffolding.

Licensed Asbestos Scaffolding
Where scaffolding is required to provide safe access for licensed asbestos removal works and where this scaffolding (during the erection process) is likely to interact or disturb asbestos material, this must be erected by a licensed asbestos scaffolder.

With decades of experience in delivering combined access and asbestos works programmes, iES are able to ensure that clients receive a true turnkey solution on even the most complex projects.

In addition to specialist licensed asbestos scaffolding, iES are also able to undertake traditional scaffolding and access solutions including;

  • Fixed Scaffolding
  • System Scaffolding (HAKI etc)
  • Independent Scaffolding
  • Temporary Protection (Shrink Wrapping)

Environmental Remediation

iES are a leading provider of specialist environmental decontamination services, from initial on-site assessment and analysis to formulating and delivering practical, bespoke decontamination/remediation strategies. 

Environmental Remediation

Lead is a substance that has long been known to have the potential to damage health, where excessive exposure can result in lead poisoning. The Control of Lead at Work (CLAW) Regulations came into force in November 2022 with the aim of ensuring employers protect their employee from the risks posed by lead.

Vacuum Blasting – Vacuum or Dust-Free Blasting is a specialist technique employed to remove lead based contaminants such as lead-based paint through the use of controlled, targeted blasting whilst simultaneously capturing and filtering any associated dust and debris via an electric or air powered vacuum.

Soda Blasting – Soda Blasting is a specialist non-destructive method for removing most surface contaminants such as lead-based paint whilst reducing the impact to underlying anodized coatings.

Controlled Dismantling – Lead contaminants can often be a prohibitive factor to traditional hot-cutting methods during large-scale dismantling of plant and machinery. Controlled Dismantling is a process which combines targeted, sectional removal of lead contaminants with cold-cutting and hand dismantling to eliminate the risks of exposure caused via hot-cutting methods.

Guano Clearance

The removal and decontamination of environments contaminated with Guano works must be carefully controlled to reduce any potential exposure and avoid the spread of contamination. iES operatives are hugely experienced in the controlled removal and decontamination of hazardous materials, consequently, our remediation process is very similar to that of more widely recognised hazardous materials (asbestos, lead etc).

Segregation & Containment – Prior to the commencement of any remediation works, operatives will first establish strategic segregation of contaminated areas, confining work areas and preventing the spread of contamination.

Bulk Waste Removal – Following the establishment and segregation of the site, operatives will commence with what’s commonly referred to as the “bulk strip”, essentially removing all contaminated fixtures, fittings and soft furnishings.

Environmental Clean – The final phase where specialist cleaning techniques are employed to remove any remaining contamination including residual waste present to surfaces and the building fabric.

Contaminated Land

Asbestos in Soils

Recent advancements in regulatory controls and guidance have led to an increasing awareness and focus on contaminated land and in particular asbestos contamination within soils. With an estimated 85% of Brownfield sites carrying a legacy asbestos risk, it is vital that developers take a proactive approach to identify and mitigate contamination in regeneration schemes.

iES have expert, technical experience with advising clients on appropriate sampling, survey and testing in addition to providing bespoke remediation strategies in line with all relevant regulatory controls and guidance.

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Virtual Rendering

Virtual Asbestos Tour

iES are the Global leader in Virtual Asbestos Surveys, providing clients with a truly unique solution to communicating complex asbestos risk.

Through pioneering 3D technology, iES are able to transport users into an interactive, real-world walkthrough of buildings and environments. This Global First capability provides clients with an exact replica of their Building or Estate with critical compliance data already embedded within the 3D Render, providing a true to life view of all asbestos containing materials in relation to their exact locations across the site.

Client Quotes
WOW – I’ve never seen anything like it.
Game Changer.
— Burrington Estates
A water-shed moment for the asbestos industy.
— Nuclear Decom Authority

Virtual tour

In addition to the obvious practical uses in relation to aiding a safer, more efficient approach to asbestos management, our Virtual Tours have other practical uses to support clients with a multitude of added benefits.

Asbestos, Fire, Legionella and DDA Tagging – Virtual Tours have the capability to embed multiple layers of tagging, enabling a complete, virtual tour of all key Health, Safety & Environmental conditions.

Asset Management – Say goodbye to QR codes and Excel Spreadsheets. Our Virtual Tours have the capability to embed multiple layers of tagging, enabling clients to tag and retain a virtual replica and profile of all assets.

Facilities Management – iES are the first organisation (Globally) to have the ability to create Virtual Tours within Contaminated areas, providing clients with a complete picture of mechanical and electrical equipment (and its’ condition) present within areas previously deemed inaccessible. This enables clients and their supply chain to adequately assess their M&E profile across the Estate.

Loss Assessment – Virtual Tours can be used by Clients, Insurers and Loss Adjusters to accurately assess and evidence loss in the event of a claim.

Project Management – Virtual Tours can be used by Clients and Contractors to effectively communicate progress during site works, including Asbestos Removal Works (where clients or agents cannot access work areas), Refurbishment Works, Demolition Works and Construction Works.

Reinstatement & Fire Protection

iES have the capability to undertake specialist reinstatement works, helping to minimise client disruption during the removal of asbestos and other hazardous materials. Our expert team of craftsmen can provide installation and redecoration works including;

  • Ceilings
  • Boxwork
  • Floor Coverings
  • Internal Partitioning
  • Roofing

Passive Fire Protection

In addition to our Reinstatement services, iES are also well placed to provide expert Fire Protection Services including advice and installation around Passive Fire Protection and Building Compartmentalisation to support a client’s wider Fire Safety Strategy.

Either as an independent service or as part of a wider programme of asbestos removal works, iES are able to provide a bespoke programme of Passive Fire Protection works including;

  • Replacement and Installation of Fire Doors
  • Installation of Passive Fire Protection to Services
  • Installation of Fire and Cavity Barriers
  • Compartmentalisation of Service Ducts and Void Spaces
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